Getting Started

BCKickstart Basics

Who is BCKickstart for?
BCKickstart is open to Barnsley College and University Campus Barnsley Students, who have registered with the Enterprise Department, that want funding towards support for a business or idea.
What do backers get in return?
Backers that support a project on Kickstarter get an inside look at the creative process, and help that project come to life. Project creators keep 100% ownership of their work, and BCKickstart cannot be used to offer equity, financial returns, or to solicit loans.
What are the fees?
Please see FAQ’s on PayPal fees
Where do projects come from?
The projects are drawn from businesses that the Enterprise Department supports through the iTrust business support scheme.

Kickstart Basics: Accountability

Who is responsible for completing a project as promised?
It’s the project creator’s responsibility to complete their project. BCKickstart does not guarantee projects, or investigate a creator’s ability to complete their project. On BCKickstart, donators ultimately decide the validity and worthiness of a project by whether they decide to fund it.
How do backers know if a project will follow through?
Once a project is completed, an article will be placed on the BCKickstart blog, with details of how the money has been used and a personal thank you to all donors. For more information about how BCKickstart works, visit our FAQ’s

Kickstart Basics: Getting Involved

How do I start a project?
Simply click on the start a project tab and our easy to use site will take you through the process step-by –step. Before any project is placed on the site, it will be carefully vetted by the Enterprise Department.
If I have more questions, what should I do?
Feel free to drop the enterprise team an email to discuss any further questions you might have.

Kickstart Basics: Reporting a Project

How do I report a project?
If you disagree with any of the content or the theme of one of our projects, then you can report it by sending an email, with an explanation of your concerns, to the enterprise team. Still need help? Contact us here:

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